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Boost Defense And Train Troops With Quality Boom Beach Game Tips And Tricks

Boom beach is an exceptional and popular real-time strategy based game developed by Supercell for iOS and android devices.  In the game, you are served with a perfect blend of attacks on the players along with attacks on bases generated by a computer. Boom beach is one particular game which will test your war skills. Here you are asked to create your own base, upgrade troops and buildings and unlock the resources to beat the enemies.

boom beach tips and tricks

Playing Boom Beach game with perfection is not an easy task as it seems to be. You will not be able to unlock higher levels of the game if you don’t apply Boom Beach game tips and tricks mentioned here. With small resources and minimum troops, players need to spend their virtual currencies in the form of coins and diamonds accurately. The chances of winning the game will entirely depend on the good decisions made by the players. That’s where our tips and tricks will come into effect and help in generating the desired outcomes.


  • Always try to upgrade before quitting – In the game, you can only build one thing at one time. There are certain buildings and structures which will take plenty of time and resources. In simple words, players must manage their time properly and only try to build items which consume very less time. Yes, in the end, you can look for building things that demand longer wait but still there is a need to proper attention to the Boom Beach alert which comes in the form of push notification. With this notification, you will come to know about your items that are done being built. With this little adjustment, you can save some serious real money and still have enough diamonds available at the time for big projects.


  • Earn more stone and iron – Players must pay enough attention to gaming resources like stone and iron. In the game stone and iron will become important in the later stages. Along with wood, you will need, stone and iron to upgrade current buildings. In order earn the stone and iron in a large amount, players must start winning battles. It is highly crucial; you don’t use these resources in quick time. Try to stockpile them from victories and only use when needed.


  • Plan your attacks with perfection and scout areas – Attacking new islands is an integral element of Boom Beach game which demands plenty of planning. Just before you attack a new island, you are required to scout it out first. Scouting will not cost you anything and you will get fully aware of what you are walking into. When you have proper planning, you will select the right troops before sending in and don’t risk the expensive troops in a war which could be won easily.


  • Quickly Attack Bases – Attacking bases in quick time is an effective tip to win the Boom Beach Game. Once a player has scouted the area, he or she must plan an attack as soon as possible. For this, you need to get away from guns and towers. While planning attack you must aim for the enemy base camp and destroy it. With this particular tip, you will be able to prevent a maximum number of casualties on most occasions. Tips and tricks are all about making small adjustments which will make you a better player of the Boom Beach game. Attacking enemy base camp in a short time will raise your probability of winning the game.


  • In early stages of the game use trees as lumber – Lumber is not served a lot in the early stages of the game so as a player, you need to collect a huge number of coins in order to trade lumber. For sure, it is not possible to mine all mangrove trees in your area but still you have mine enough number to gain a nice collection of wood. With this collection of wood, you will be able to build few residences and numerous other structures that have the potential to produce coins or other resources.


  • Try to build a maximum number of residences – Most of the players out there would have focused on building troops and training them out. An increasing number of residences is another crucial aspect of the game which will act as an effective way to earn coins. Just apart from building these residences, you need to upgrade them from time to time. Residences will get you the much-needed coins which will further assist you to sail to other islands and conquer them. Surely, players with extra real money can pay for diamonds and have nothing to worry in terms building residences and earning more coins.


  • Have a little patience and save diamonds – Players with the lack of patience are bound to lose more diamonds in quick time. In the Boom Beach game, you can easily rush into any task but the reality is bit different. In the basic freemium model of the game, diamonds are pretty hard to achieve unless you spend real money. You must always try to use them with a lot of patience and execute some calculations before making the final call.


  • Upgrading radar on a regular basis is important – Radar is the instrument used in the game to explore islands which are at a huge distance from your home base. When you make sure, your radar is regularly upgraded, it will simply allow you to find more islands which you can attack and win.


  • Avoid application of hack tools – With plenty of hack tools available, you must avoid them unless you find a safe and effective one. These boom beach hack tools mostly contain viruses and malicious codes which will hurt your gaming device badly.

Learning about Boom Beach game tips and tricks is the best thing you can do while playing the wonderful strategy game and boost your chances of winning and saving real life money.